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Ubuntu Linux

Now there is finally a userfriendly and free alternative to Microsoft Windows. Tired of viruses, spyware and expensive upgrades? Then Ubuntu might be the solution for you and your computer!

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a free alternative to Windows which already is being used
by 1 2 million people around the world. Ubuntu was created in 2004
by the South-African entrepreneur, investor and astronaut Mark
Shuttleworth with the vision of creating a Linux for human beings.
Today Ubuntu is a well built operating system and a strong
competitor to both Microsoft Windows and Apple's OS-X.

Who can use Ubuntu?

Ubuntu can replace Windows for most computer users. Programs such as web browsers, document editors, photo editors, film and music  players are all included with the basic installation and thousands of applications can easily be downloaded and installed free of charge. Only if you want to play the latest games or have a need for more specific programs then Ubuntu might not be the solution for you.

How easy to use is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is very easy to install and use, only normal computer experience is required. Accessories such as printers, cameras and mp3-players are normally auto detected without a problem and work straight out of the box. Switching from Windows to Ubuntu may be a small culture shock, as would switching from Windows to Mac since some things work differently and different programs are used. Ubuntu can even be run straight from the CD, allowing people to test it without the need for installation.

Where can I get Ubuntu?

Ubuntu can be downloaded for free from

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